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Why Should You Care About On-Chain Operations?

On-chain operations provide an alternative financial infrastructure that is decentralized and not reliant on traditional banking systems.

This decentralization reduces the vulnerability to systemic risks associated with centralized financial institutions, such as bank failures, liquidity shortages, or credit freezes. Individuals and businesses can continue to transact and access financial services without being directly impacted by the turmoil in the traditional banking sector.

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Financial Infrastructure Review

We review your banking and liquidity venue needs and recommend alternatives to hedge your operational risk


On-Chain Infrastructure Set-Up and Maintenance

We will set up show you how to take control of your on-chain operations infrastructure


Bespoke Consulting

We can deliver custom solutions for your team, including workshops to educate your executives and team

In an environment with failing banks and the increasing potential for dedollarization, on-chain operations play a critical role in providing financial stability and security. By leveraging blockchain technology, on-chain operations offer decentralized and transparent alternatives to traditional banking systems, reducing reliance on centralized institutions that may be prone to failure or manipulation.

To protect our clients from increasing systemic risk associated with centralized financial institutions, such as bank failures, liquidity shortages, or credit freezes, our services allow businesses and individuals continued access to banking and financial services, mitigating against currency risk and banking sector turmoil.

About Us

BlockOps principals have unparalleled experience operating on-chain. As part of the Smart Money team, BlockOps principals have worked on a variety of projects aimed at increasing the scale and utility of the on-chain economy.


A startup building on-chain fund administration products, automating the back office for investment vehicles

The Yield Farming Fund

The first compliant US hedge fund built entirely out of smart contracts. No bank account, no fund administrator

Securities Exchange

A securities exchange for private secondary markets that uses smart contracts to facilitate instant, compliant liquidity

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